Gentle Bronze Gradual Tanning Moisturiser



Product Description

MOISTURISE – Keep your skin beautifully hydrated while obtaining a subtle bronzed glow with Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze.

GLOW – The gradual tan enables you to control how deep you want your tan to be, while giving your body a moisturising experience.

USE DAILY -Apply Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze daily to moisturise your skin while adding a hint of colour.

Marissa’s Tip: Gentle Bronze is fabulous for use on holiday where your skin is in contact with water and sunscreen regularly. Apply Gentle Bronze daily after you shower for an even glow that fades perfectly.

A patch test is recommended 24-48 hours before application.

  • How do I apply Gentle Bronze to my body?
    • Gentle Bronze can be applied with the hands, but be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after applying.
  • How do I apply Gentle Bronze to my face/hands/feet?
    • You can apply Gentle Bronze to the face/hands/feet with your hands also, but be sure to clean the palms of your hands thoroughly with a wipe after applying.
  • How dark will the colour be when it develops?
    • Gentle Bronze will give your skin a light glow, about one third of the colour you will get from the Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN Original Medium Shade.
  • Is Gentle Bronze oil free?
    • Yes, all the Cocoa Brown tanning products are oil free.
  • How often should I apply Gentle Bronze?
    • Generally, Gentle Bronze can be applied every 2-3 days. If you are on holidays and regularly applying sunscreen or are in and out of water, you could apply Gentle Bronze every day after showering.


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